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Acne on Vag Lip, Pimple-like Bumps, Cysts Cause, Treatments and Remedies

Do you have pimple-like bumps on either of outer sides of the vag lips? What discomfort do they cause? Do they itch, cause pain or such symptoms? Formation of bump on outer lips of vagina can be indicative of irritation, infection or a skin condition such as folliculitis.

Are they vaginal bumps, pimples or acne?

How likely is it that the bumps on near or around your genitals are a result of acne? Is acne on the vagina common? In absence of medical examination or basis, acne of vag may sometimes be taken to be something else like, Bartholins cysts, HPV bumps, pimples after shaving or due to yeast infection.

Bumps around vaginal area (ingrown hair) - acne on vag lips
Bumps around vaginal area (ingrown hair)

More importantly, do not come to a conclusion that presence of bumps or spots on the vagina or around down there including the sides of the vag lips means you have an acne outbreak. Take your time and consult more from a professional clinician.

Signs it is not vaginal acne – vaginal yeast infection

Vaginal yeast infections are marked with a red rash that causes an intense itching. The rash look like pimples but they are not really pimples.

According to medical information by the MedlinePlus, vaginal yeast infections are common because it often occurs with antibiotic use.

It could be ingrown hair on vag

Ingrown hairs are bound to occur whether you are sexually active or not. Irritation can lead to ingrown hairs or bumps. These include infection or invasion of the hair follicles or frequent shaving or pubic hair removal with creams.

Notably, this may increase chances of developing a skin condition known as folliculitis.

Folliculitis vulvitis

Folliculitis vulvitis is the inflammation of the air follicles on the skin of the vulva. This condition presents itself as small bumps or spots. The condition can occur as a single bump.

They appear as red bumps and these bumps could be painful.

Risks for occurrence of this includes use of tight underwear regularly and overgrowth of skin yeast (candidiasis).

Other vaginal problems

Other conditions that can mimic acne in form of bumps include Hidradenitis suppurativa and allergy-related bumps or lesions.

Acne on vag facts

Is it abnormal for females to get acne on the vagina?

  • Getting vaginal acne is normal and common when it occurs
  • Acne in the genital area cannot and is not an STI
  • Popping acne zits on the vag does not cure them

Acne vulgaris is a skin disease that mainly affects the face, upper chest and back, sometimes you could find a few pimples or spots in the genital area.

Causes of Vaginal Acne

Production of excessive sebum, combined with the following factors can cause acne on vag.

  • Excessive sweating and high moisture in the genital area
  • Frequent use of body lotions or creams in the groin area
  • Genetic predisposition is another risk for acne on vagina
  • Inflammation of hair follicles

According to the Glamour, acne of the genitals can totally occur on its own.

Vaginal acne treatment

Many women become suspicious of the vaginal bumps. Therefore, if you have pimple-like bumps beware that it could not signify acne. However, watch on it to see whether the symptoms are worsening.

Sometimes, acne on vag can go away on its own and may not reappear.

Signs that the bumps would go away could be presence of few bumps which do not cause pain or discharge nothing like fluid. They would tend to remain small. Additionally, you may not experience symptoms like enlarged glands on the groin area.

What can worsen acne

It is generally important to figure out the likely triggers of acne breakout. It is crucial and equally of greater importance to understand the conditions through which acne can get worse (especially in premenopausal women).

Besides the onset of menstrual cycles, other things that could worsen include medications.

  • Contraceptive pills or progesterone pills
  • Steroid medicines (both oral and creams including Bethametasone, Hydrocortisone, Danazol and Stanozolol)
  • Other medicines are Thiouracil, Phenytoin, Isoniazid, Lithium, etc.

What else can worsen acne lesions or pimples? Picking or squeezing the acne spots on the vagina skin can also worsen it.

Stress could also make acne symptoms to worsen.

Cystic acne on the vag

Cystic acne on genital or vagina can be real and could be experienced by certain people though it is quite uncommon.

However, anyone can develop a vaginal cyst or cysts such as Bartholin cysts and Gartner’s duct cysts.

If you develop painful bumps on the vulva or on the sides of the vagina minora, consider to see a health care professional or clinician.

Sexual activities and acne

There is substantial medical information and evidence that engaging in sex can neither cause vaginal or vulva acne. However, there is no perfect scientific proof for these evidences.

On sexual concerns, Dr. Shah notes that women who specify and go for hormonal IUD experience this problem.

Neither sweating during such sexual activities can be the sole reason for occurrence of vaginal acne. Even though, sweat and dirt when combined with excessive sebum can potentially trigger acne bumps.

The best step to take prior to treatment

Due to medical limitations of physical examination of your own skin, you may wrongly self-diagnose by simply looking at the bumps on or around the vagina.

If you have got a serious or persistent skin problem down below insist on medical or clinic checkup before you resort to treating it yourself.

  • If it happens that you live in a hot climate, ensure you regularly take baths and change your underwear at least twice a day
  • Avoid tight underwear garments or those made from synthetic fibres
  • It is
  • If you notice some black slightly raised bumps that look do not cause discomfort or start to perceive a bad smell/odour, promptly seek medical care
  • If the bumps turn into painful lesions or blister-like that itch make sure you have gone for HIV tests to confirm
  • Avoid applying any form of body lotion around the genitals

Physicians do not advice that patients try to pop bumps or spots on the vagina since it can lead to or be a potential cause of infections.

Lastly, take immediate action to see your doctor when you notice a change in size of the bumps, ulcerate or there is a discharge. Sometimes, you may develop a fever, burning sensations in the genitals, swollen glands, tenderness, a warmth feeling or pain in the groin area.

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