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Blackheads in Ears Causes, Removal Tools and Treatments to Get Rid of Ear Blackheads

Ear blackheads may not be a health concern but can be unsightly. What does it mean to get blackheads in ear canals? The ear cartilage as well as inside ear canals consists of skin. It is very possible to get them since sebum and earwax are produced. This article will mainly cover removal of blackheads from ears and how to get rid using treatments, tools or skincare products.

First though, we have facts and bits to let you know about a blackhead whether it is on face, nose and neck or inside ear.

Is it an ear blackhead or pimple in ear?

picture of ear blackheads
picture of ear blackheads

Is there any difference between a pimple and a black head? These are common terms which people have frequently come across and dealt with in a real life situation.

How do they look like on skin? It is easy to identify these blackheads since they slightly raised because they tend to form nearer to surface of skin pores. Unlike pimples, a blackhead is considered a type of mild acne that is not inflamed. To be more accurate they have a dark colour due to the reason that they are oxidized when exposed to air. Typically they do not cause pain like pimples. However, they can become infected.

Blackheads in ears cause including inside ear canals?

What causes blackheads? These skin blemishes are due to clogged pores especially near to the opening of the skin pores.

Blackheads can develop in anyone’s skin but some people whose sebaceous glands produce excess sebum are more likely to get them. Other factors that contribute to formation of clogged pores include:

  • A build-up of propionibacterium acnes (p. acnes) on skin,
  • Irritation of hair follicles as a result of improper disintegration of dead skin cells,
  • Changes in hormones especially during menstruation, at puberty or effects of birth controls,
  • Influence form use certain drugs or medications.

Blackheads can also develop inside the canals since the lining is made of skin and pores marked by the presence of hair inside ears. Owing to the fact that a good number of people ignore to clean inside their ear canals as it is required, accumulation of wax and dead skin cells can easily lead to the problem. Moreover, there is a tendency to develop ear infections apart from making the cleaning and removal process very difficult.

Let us now look into how to get remove or get rid of blackheads in ear. Removing them from skin ensures that you clear imperfections caused by the appearance of black spots on skin.

How to get rid ear blackheads, treatment of and removal

There are several means of removing blackheads from ear which may involve medications, solutions, and use of tools or equipment any other removal mechanisms.

popping can help remove blackheads
popping can help remove blackheads

1. Blackhead in ear treatment using medications

Most of these medications are the ones used in controlling and treating acne. They include drugs, creams, gels or solutions available at various drug stores. The ingredients in these medicines are important because they help in shedding of skin around the blackheads or causing the excess sebum (body oils) to dry out together with the dead skin cells.

These ingredients are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Other products that are useful in removing blackheads include skin care products such as cleaner solutions and masks which are also recommended for people who have whiteheads and mild acne.

NOTE: when you try to employ improper techniques while applying any acne treatments be aware that scarring can result.

2. Blackhead remover tools or extraction tools

These are simple tools designed to make it easy to deal with ear blackheads. It is therefore important to learn how to use them correctly in removing these annoying blemishes called blackheads not only from ear canals but also on nose, neck or anywhere around face.

NOTE: Before you touch anything ensure you have cleansed your hands and wiped them dry.

How to use a blackhead extractor in ears

Using blackhead extractor tools is one of the simplest and fastest means of removing them. In this procedure, you will need an appropriate extractor tool, a facial cleanser, hand gloves, benzoyl peroxide and some cotton balls and warm water.

  • If you are the one to do the extraction then wash your face using warm water or use a facial cleanser.
  • Use a sterile solution to clean the tool that you are going to use it could be an extractor tool such as the ones shown below.
  • Locate the blackheads and begin by gently pressing on sides or round one after another.
  • Continue to press until the spot clears. As you do it avoid applying too much pressure to avoid pain and damage to skin.
  • After you have extracted always apply benzoyl peroxide. This ensures that the pore shrinks in order to minimize chances of the blackhead forming again.
  • Repeat the procedure once or twice few days after.

Other recommended equipment include blackhead suction and popper. The following are some of the blackhead extraction tools with different sizes and shapes.

blackead removal tool for ears
blackead removal tool for ears
tools used in removing blackheads
tools used in removing blackheads

Blackhead removal products

Are you looking for products to help you get rid of blackheads? Though there are many skin care products in market today, one challenge can be how to get or select right products for you. In essence, it is not only the best products which matter but also the nature of your skin and type of skin. The next factor will be how to use these products in such a manner that gets the most out of those skin care products that you have carefully selected.

The first step to a successful and efficient removal of blackheads in ear and other parts which are affected is to always follow a recommended skincare routine. If you still wonder how you can achieve that: then begin by knowing your skin type using an experts’ guide.

Are you the type with dry skin, oily skin or a combination of the skin types? For instance, people who have a sensitive skin may sometimes belong the dry skin type and therefore may require greater attention not only with an experts’ help in selecting which products suits them best but also the routine of application. That is to say, how many times in a day, or in week or certain time periods they must not use certain products or medicines, etc.

Natural blackhead remover products

For quite a long time, dermatologists have recommended these products have perfect results for people who have large skin pores (a characteristic of oily skin type). As skincare products, all natural products ensure that many side effects that come with chemical-based products for skin are taken care of.

Secondly, they are gentle on skin besides helping in eliminating toxins which could be trapped. Above all, learn to read and understand manufacturer’s notes and advice before you get to use any products. It would be the best thing to follow the instructions you are given by your dermatologist so that you get rid of blackheads in ear quickly.

It is healthy to avoid products with chemicals. Chemicals have faster reaction mechanisms to deal with blemishes on skin. However, they can cause serious damage to skin whose side effects may come as longer lasting complications.

Blackhead in ear canal removal

Caution must be taken before removing blackheads in case they are in ear canals. Sometimes the canals may feel congested but there could be no pain. This means that too much wax has accumulated or numerous blackheads have formed. If an infection occurs you may start to experience pain.

Consider seeing a dermatologist who can help you remove them efficiently. The best thing to do is apply a warm compress to sooth but never try to insert any extraction tool.

How do you get rid or clear blackheads from ears for good?

How do you get rid of blackheads effectively and is there the best way to remove blackheads? Whether they are ear blackheads, on nose or around your face and back of neck, clearing them is tedious and it requires efforts to clear these blemishes. Unfortunately, if your skin produces too much sebum you may be compelled to alter your typical lifestyle.

Dermatologists recommend the following procedures and methods as some of best ways to remove blackheads.

1. A daily skin exfoliation

If you need to clear them ensure you at least do either a manual exfoliation or dermabrasion including the face, around the ear and inside canals. However, you must consider certain factors such as skin sensitivity and concentration of the exfoliation/cleansing products you have selected.

As it were, go for salicylic acid, glycolic products and again make it a routine. If you think you are not well informed get the right advice from your physician.

For individuals with oily skin, application of oily moisturizers and lotions is not the best thing to do.

2. Use mild cleansers

Instead of cleaning ears with water go for a mild cleanser to remove and clear excess sebum, prevent accumulation of dead skin cells in ear canals and build-up of wax. Research has revealed that all these natural materials and waste products cause more blackheads inside ear canals.

3. Microdermabrasion

This form of exfoliation is more mechanical. In the procedure the skin is “sanded with a rough surface to remove the clog that might be causing this problem,” [healcure.org] where the results are almost instant. Get more information by visiting your dermatologist or ear specialist for checkup.

Removing blackheads from ear at home & remedies for ear blackheads

In addition to acne treatments, exfoliation and use of extraction tools find more tips on how to deal with blackheads on ears. These procedures are not meant to solve or clear this problem but have been found to be quite helpful.

1. Warm compress

This remedy is effective for small blackheads which have formed on the ear cartilage. Above all, it is the easiest and simplest way to deal with these things if it is done at least twice a day and repeated regularly.

You need some boiled water and a clean soft wash cloth for applying. Ensure that you have cleaned your ear well.


  1. Soak your piece of cloth and let it absorb some heat.
  2. Take it out and carefully squeeze to remove excess water.
  3. Apply on the areas with these dark pores while holding. (take care not to burn your skin around cartilage)
  4. If they blackheads are big or appear again then you may need to use extraction tool after you have hot-compressed.

2. Rubbing alcohol

Going on with remedies for blackheads, using this substance is great means of dealing with infections. Therefore it is a good treatment for huge blackheads. However, to prevent further irritation caution must be taken by people who have had ear surgery or ones who have increased sensitivity in skin.

Individuals may apply and leave it overnight for better results. Always remember to clean your ears every morning. While applying lemon make squeezing movements to open up the pores.

3. Lemon juice

This is yet another super natural remedy for people with large skin pores because its astringent property is a good mechanism for tightening the pores.

NOTE: if you are sure that lemon juice irritates then you can mix it coconut milk before applying.

4. Tea tree oil

Besides its powerful antiseptic property, tea tree oil is quite effective for controlling certain fungus. A sit were, for this remedy to remove and produce results it should be applied once daily.

The procedure is similar to the one for only that a cotton ball is preferred while applying. Remember to remove excess oil to avoid it getting in ears while asleep.

5. Popping or squeezing a blackhead on ear

Popping is or squeezing a blackhead on ear not encouraged. The reason why squeezing or popping is not ideal is that it may promote transfer of germs and dirt or cause pain and damage to skin. Again it is quite difficult to pop a blackhead in your ear canals.

How do you pop a blackhead on ear? You may require boiled water and some tissues.

  1. Apply a cleanser to remove dirt from skin.
  2. Apply a warm compress to help in opening up of pores and soften it.
  3. By the help of the tissue paper grab and gently push on the sides.
  4. Apply upward movement so that the blackhead rolls up the pore.
  5. After the plug is cleared, use another piece of tissue to clean the spot

Avoid too much squeezing or pressing with finger nails for doing this will cause pain and potentially bruise skin. Try to squeeze with tip of index finger and thumb. Also wear sterilized latex gloves for health reasons.

Painful blackhead in ear

As we mentioned in the introduction, typical blackheads are painless. Infections may inflict pain and increase their size. Presence of ear blackheads with signs of infections can cause discomfort feeling in ear and congestion particularly when there is much wax accumulated in canals. If there is pain in ear especially if it is inside canals see your doctor to find out the cause before attempting treatments for blackheads.

In addition to them being infected, popping or forceful squeezing would inflict pain.

Blackhead in ear removal video (YouTube)

Have you experienced removing blackheads from ear? For some people, being at sight during removal of a typical blackhead would make them stomach if not nauseate. If you are such a guy, please bear with us because it is meant for educational purposes.

Below is a You Tube video in which a huge blackhead is removed using a simple tool.

To sum up, the sure way to prevent and clear this problem is to ensure that you clean ears regularly with appropriate cleansers. Your routine may comprise use of various products for blackheads and reducing earwax all through the seasons. Instances of blackheads or pimples deeper into inner ear canal are special cases that require inspection by ear specialists and removal.

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