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Blackheads on Lips Causes, Symptoms, How to Get Rid, Remove and Products for Lip Blackheads

What does it mean to get blackheads on your lips? Several myths and stories still going round and about these unsightly blackheads. Surely, blackheads have little to do with these myths. Anyway, do you have them around your lips? Blackheads on lips can be unsightly and can create a bad picture or ruin your self-image.

How do you remove blackheads from the lips? What can you do to deal with lip blackheads? Identifying and distinguishing blackheads from lip pimples is also important to get the effective means to treat and get rid of them.

Lip blackhead vs. lip pimples

open comedone
open comedone

How do blackheads on lips differ from pimples? Both skin conditions are slightly differ from each other in terms of appearance and symptoms. In contrast to pimples, blackheads are typically painless because they are not inflamed as it is in the case of pimples.

On your lips, you are likely to see dark or black spots or dots. Sometimes they can appear as small bumps or look slightly raised because they form closer to the surface of skin pores after sebum has clumped. On the other hand, a pimple will remain closed whether it grows huge or becomes infected.

lip pimple (closed comedone)lip pimple (closed comedone)
lip pimple (closed comedone)

The dark appearance in blackheads is due to melanin and caused by oxidation after the blackhead material is exposed to air (open comedone).

Symptoms of lip blackheads

Do blackheads around lips painful? Typical blackheads are painless.

Whereas pimples can inflict pain (since they become inflamed), a lip blackhead does not cause pain as it is considered a type of mild acne. If there is pain in skin around your lips it can be due to attempts to squeeze forcefully or use tools. They can form on the lower lip or top lip, on the lip line and side lip.

What causes of lip blackheads?

Blackheads can also develop around the moth and on the chin too! Whether they form on the lips or nose or around the face, blackheads are due to release of excessive body fats and oils. Over reactive (sebaceous) glands lead to clogging of the skin pores. This causes clumping which results to the opening of the skin pores (open comedones).

Other factors that trigger release of too much sebum and clogged pores include:

  • An increase in production of sex hormones in both males and females especially during menstruation and puberty. It could also be triggered by use of birth-control pills
  • A build-up of propionibacterium acnes (p. acnes) on skin
  • Use of certain drugs or medications

Removing and treating blackheads from lips

The need to get rid of blackheads is heightened by the unsightly looks around lips, imperfections caused by the appearance of black spots and change in complexion. We shall briefly discuss suitable treatments for lip blackheads and products.

1. Acne treatments

Acne treatments are basically used in treatment of whiteheads and mild acne. In many cases, doctors have recommended prescription medicines in dealing and treating cases of severe blackhead breakouts.

They include drugs, creams, gels or solutions available at various drug stores. The ingredients in these medicines are important because they help in shedding of skin around the blackheads or causing the excess sebum (body oils) to dry out together with the dead skin cells.

Most acne treatments contain exfoliating and cleansing ingredients including salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Other products that are useful in removing blackheads include skin care products such as cleaner solutions and masks which are also recommended for people who

Treatments for acne should be administered by a physician because if applied incorrectly they can lead to scarring or permanent spots.

2. Products for lip blackheads

Looking for products to remove blackheads? There are many skin care products to be used in removal of blackheads. However, many people get it wrong when they rush to buy them before they have done a good analysis of their skin condition.

Various products will work differently therefore producing varied results amongst individuals who use them. Skin experts recommend blackhead products extracted from natural substance. In regard to that, you ought to have substantial knowledge about skin types in order to help in good selection which is crucial.

Prior to making an order or purchasing, dig more information and ensure you countercheck manufacturer’s profile to avoid fake products.

Natural blackhead remover products

Dermatologists recommended these products because the ingredients are clinically proven. A wide variety of natural products are available for your specific skin type.

Secondly, most natural products are gentle on skin. They have added advantage which aid drawing out of toxins.

As opposed to products with chemicals, natural ingredients have a slower mechanism. This implies that you do not expect results overnight. Yes. Chemical-based products have a fast action in breaking down sebum but potentially produce mixed results. Sometimes they can be cosmetically disastrous or increase sensitivity in or around your lips.

3. Popping blackheads on lips

Popping is the easiest way to remove blackheads from the lips. Popping is not the permanent or best way to get rid of the condition permanently because it does not control or clear sebum.

Using blackhead tools, poppers and suction to extract a blackhead from the lips is not really advisable. Some of these may cause pain than help in removing deep blackheads.

Best ways to get rid or permanently clear blackheads from the lips

The most effective way to get rid of blackheads is regulating and limiting body processes that lead to build-up of sebum. However, for this to be achievable first know why your body secretes excessive body oils. Besides the natural triggers such as hormonal shifts, what are the other factors that cause blackheads around the lips?

Other considerable factors to put in mind include the condition of skin. Majority of these conditions are basically predetermined by your skin type.

Dermatologists recommend the following procedures and methods as some of best ways to remove blackheads.

Facial exfoliation

Exfoliation should be an important part of your regular skincare routine. This further enhances skin cleansing and helps in removing dead skin cells while preventing excess sebum. Remember to practice safety and proper use of exfoliating products whenever carrying it out.

You can do a manual but gentle exfoliation using products available over the counter. If that is not effective or good enough, seek clinical-based procedures which include chemical peeling, dermabrasion, etc. In fact, clinical treatments are the best for individuals with sensitive skin types.

As it were, go for salicylic acid, glycolic products and again make it a routine. If you think you are not well informed get the right advice from your physician.

For individuals with oily skin, application of oily moisturizers and lotions is not the best thing to do.

Regular use of facial wash and cleansers

Secondly, regular use of correct facial cleansers will prevent accumulation of dead skin cells and dirt.

There are various categories of facial washes for different skin types. However, strive to use those with natural ingredients as opposed to those made from chemicals.

Consider wiping your mouth after each meal to avoid further clogging of pores too. You may be compelled to stop applying cosmetic products such as lip balm if your symptoms seem never to improve.

Go for treatments

Another effective way to clear blackheads permanently from your face is to go for medical treatments. Some people require a study of medical history, diagnosis or tests to determine conditions that may be causing abnormal production of sebum. After a careful analysis, dermatologists may recommend various treatments including combination of products to treat acne, hormonal treatments, pills and other therapy to regulate body triggers.

Remedies and DIY procedures to deal with lip blackheads

Natural home procedures cannot solve or clear lip blackheads but can improve the symptoms of the condition and reduce appearance black spots.

Warm compress or steaming

Warm compressing or steaming is not a guarantee to get rid of blackheads. Even though, theseremedies are quite useful when there is need to remove blackheads manually such as popping. You can also this in preparation to facial exfoliation.

Both procedures help in opening of the skin pores to easy out blackheads. Warm compress or steaming also ensures that the clumped blackhead material is softened.


You can opt steaming your face or apply warm compress as follows.

  • Heat some water and let it boil. Place it in a wide bowl.
  • Take a larger cover cloth and place it over your head.
  • Bend slightly over the bowl and let the steam reach the face. (Take care not to burn your face).
  • If the water temperature goes down you can cover your face completely over it or add more hot water.


  1. Soak a soft piece of cloth in hot water and let it absorb some heat.
  2. Carefully wring or squeeze to remove excess water.
  3. Hold and apply on the areas with dark spots (blackheads). (Again, be careful not to burn your skin)

If the lip blackhead looks big, you can try to pop gently. If they are small or tiny spots, do exfoliation.

Natural facial masks

You can make DIY facial masks using simple procedures as a substitute of cosmetic skin care products. Although most of these tricks are not proven to improve the appearance of blackheads, some people who tried them have seen noticeable changes.

They include:

  1. Honey and milk facial mask
  2. Use of Cinnamon and honey mask
  3. Use of egg white mask
  4. Sugar and cinnamon scrub

How to prevent infection of blackheads on the lips

Infections can make the appearance of blackheads horrible thus, need to do all and them from being infected.

Dilute rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can help deal with infections. This product is good especially if your skin is characteristic of large skin pores. However, alcohol can cause irritation or other stomach problems if accidentally ingested. It is important to use rubbing alcohol with a lot care and caution.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice has astringent property and the ability to help in proper shedding of skin naturally. This natural property is quite useful for skin with large pores. Lemon can help in tightening the skin pores hence minimizing chances of infection.

NOTE that lemon juice can easily irritate skin. Add a little amount of coconut oil before applying.

Apply tea tree oil

Apply little tea tree oil if your skin does not become oily quickly after cleansing or washing. Wipe out excess oil.

Avoid squeezing

If you do not want to get infections avoid a lot of squeezing as much as possible especially with finger nails.

Squeezing a lip blackhead

Many people think that the other solution for blackheads on lips is squeezing. Squeezing every now and then is more likely to cause injury and damage skin around your lips.

Secondly, doing so continuously will worsen the condition of the blackheads. Besides, it is a vice to encourage transfer of germs and dirt. Note that infections can lead to further buildup of more waste in skin pores. This could result in bad symptoms and worsen appearance of the black spots.

Seek medical attention

If you have a history of mild or severe acne or have received acne treatment seeing a doctor is a good step forward. If you find out clearing the blackheads seems disastrous consider seeing a dermatologist who can help with advanced removal procedures. Your dermatologist will further provide more tips on what to do to and what to avoid to overcome it.

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