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Lip Pimple Causes, Treatment, Remedies for Small, Big, Painful, Red Lip Pimple

Why do I get pimples on my lip line? There are common causes and reasons that account for lower and upper lip pimples. Keep in mind that a pimple can project anywhere on your body. Many people have asked: what I can use on a pimple on my upper lip that hurts so badly? Treatment for lip pimples can pause challenges. Unknowingly, a good number may not be certain whether they are actually pimples or cold sores.

Before we start looking at what the causes of pimple on lips are, it is important getting light to differentiate or distinguish cold sores from pimples – cold sores versus pimples.

Do I have a lip pimples or cold sores?

Cold sores - courtery of WebMD
Cold sores – courtery of WebMD

By description, “a pimple is a tender, small red bump that can have a white tip, a black tip, or no tip at all.” [healthline.com]. Pimples can appear anywhere on the surface of skin and may be painful to touching. On the other hand, cold sores are small or tiny blisters filled with fluid that cluster in one area caused by viral infection.

At inception, cold sores can be itchy too and cause burning feeling. Although some may never show any symptoms, other signs accompanied with this infection include:

Pimple on lips
Pimple on lips
  • Fever and headaches,
  • Painful gums,
  • Muscle aches and feeling of tiredness,
  • Sore throat.

Cold sores are easily found on lower lip edges and lower part of the nose.

Lip pimples causes including painful, small above lips & pimple pictures

Can you get a pimple on lip? The truth is that anyone is liable of getting pimples on lips and inside mouth or on inside of lips especially the lower lips.

Small lip pimple
Small lip pimple

Allergic reactions

Another common reason for pimple appearing on your lip could be due to an allergy. Some people may be allergic to ingredients in lipsticks or lip balms they use more often. It matters less whether the lip products that you use are quality or cheap.

Chemical Lip products and makeups

How do chemicals give rise to pimples in skin more so pimples that form on lip line? Certain chemical ingredients are responsible for that. One way is when you continue getting used to the low quality lip products such as makeup, lip gloss or lip balm. Some of these products contain harmful chemical ingredients that when they penetrate the skin can cause damage. This results to infections as the skin around the edges become vulnerable, that may lead to pimples not only around your lip but also on the face.

Herpes infection

According to Healthline, one of the symptoms of herpes, a viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV1 or type 1) is largely signaled by formation of pimples. These ‘pimples’, are actually cold sores that should not be confusing you. Much of its symptoms are seen around the genital area, herpes will also cause pimples on mouth and lips.

One of the common means is by oral sex though it is rare. If your partner is already infected with genital herpes, the viruses may pass on to your mouth. The other way is after kissing. The rest may include sharing contaminated tools, towels and utensils such as spoons and forks.

Hormonal changes

Apart from the causes we have looked at, pimples at certain stages of growth may manifest through formation of pimples or bumps that may appear anywhere on the body surface. These changes occur as due to an increase or decrease in concentration of certain body hormones, for instance, estrogen and progesterone and can affect both males and females. The affected individuals are those at puberty and also during pregnancy.

At puberty, there is general increase in body fats. In order to release more of the fats, most young people tend to develop so many small pimples all over the face that habour excess fats. In a similar manner, pregnant women also need to release a lot of wastes produced by the growing foetus. Some of these unwanted products include toxins, excess water, and nitrogenous wastes have to be released through the skin.

General poor hygiene

Sometimes, if your personal terms on hygiene are low and poor, you are more likely to start develop more pimples. Your facial skin is one of the sensitive areas that must always be handled with care and proper hygiene. However, handling your face with dirt means a lot.

Pimples on mouth and around or near lips are not only caused by what we have discussed. This sections intends to cover the rest and other possible reasons for occurrence of pimples.

Oily skin

The nature of your skin helps to reveal a lot about your health. As seen earlier, unwanted or excess oil under skin can evoke formation of pimples on your face and near your lips. This is a precaution for taking fast foods, greasy or foods with too much fats. It then calls for adequate cleansing and wiping your lips after taking such foods.

Lip pimples after waxing

What causes pimples above your lip? Moving on with causes of lip pimples lip waxing is yet another hair removal technique that leads to formation of pimples. Anyone needs to remove hairs on upper lip through waxing as an option because hiding it is another problem. Waxing for the first time can also cause whiteheads.

Certain chemicals in toothpaste

If you are using a toothpaste that contain fluoride as an element can possibly cause tiny lip pimples.


Smoking does trigger infections that may lead to formation of pimples.


Stress is another factor that contributes to increased chances of pimple formation as it disrupts certain normal body functions such as respiration.

Red, Big Swollen, Pain in lip pimples pictures

Huge, fat, big swollen lip pimple
Huge, fat, big swollen lip pimple

How do swollen pimples cause a swelling in lips? If you disrupt and scratch pimples on your face or lips they will get inflamed and begin to swell. What brings about it anyway and what do you need to do? Get enlightenment with aid of the pictures and images provided.


One of more common causes for lip swelling is due to infected pimples. Infections that cause swelling will be easy when you have a new pierce in the upper lip or if you neglect cleaning. They may be bacterial infections or any other kind of disease that require you to go for checking. If they have swollen too much they turn red because of increased blood supply to the selling.

Popping and squeezing

Popping itself can make your lip pimples swell and become huge in a matter of minutes. The real reason behind it is when you prematurely pop.

Continued licking and scratching

Lip pimple licking with the tongue could also trigger them to swell. Therefore leave them alone and don’t try feeling them with teeth either.

Contact your nearest health centre should you get swollen lips that are extremely painful or that won’t go away on their own and keeps on appearing time and again.

Lip Pimple Treatment, how to heal or Get rid of pimples on lips

Treating pimples which have a tendency of reappearing can be tedious and annoying. Some pimples on lips do not require any treatment such as those from hormonal imbalance and internal body changes. Pimples could come with all sorts of discomforts as well as create a negative self-outlook. Learn how to treat pimple on lips and other procedures to make them go away.

Topical Ointments and medications

Cold sores are to heal and go away on their own. If you have cold sores with red and itchy or painful blister-like clusters, you need to see your doctor who will prescribe antiviral medicines. Some of the forms of the medicines include pills, ointments and creams.

Ointments are used to reduce symptoms of cold sores that we have already mentioned. Examples of such include Acyclovir and Pensiclovir. Besides these you may also go for creams available over the counter which are also helpful in relieving pain.

Be careful of what you select. Carefully, take your time to look at the ingredients and make a point of asking your care provider more about cream products you need to acquire. However if you are sensitive or allergic to lidocaine or benzocaine, then seek an alternative from a dermatologist.


It is advisable to carry out a regular gentle exfoliation or scrubbing on your lips to remove layers of dead cells and residuals of lip balm. Here are a few methods you should find to assist you in getting rid of the pimples from lip lines or edges of your lips.

One of the simple methods of achieving this is using sugar lip scrub. Or else you can buy lip exfoliator or cleansers if you prefer it that way. That means you buy the ones that have salicylic acid or low concentrated alpha hydroxyls.

How to cure pimples naturally with home remedies & treatment tips

Besides treating, pimples around lips can also be tended to using other general but accepted cures. These procedures (natural treatment means inclusive) will not only get rid of the symptoms but prevent pimples from getting infected. In provision, a guideline about what you are supposed to do before buying beauty products for your lips and face.

1.      Carry out a skincare routine

The following brief description shows how you can take care of your facial skin which is part of the regimen for skin care.

i.                     Washing

The first thing to do as a routine practice and remedy for pimples on lips or round your mouth is to wash clean these areas daily. Whenever you are washing ensure that your hands are ever clean, but for your information warm water does better. Do a gentle wiping using a face towel. As you wash, avoid soaps or other medicated solutions unless they are particularly meant for the face skin.

ii.                   Make-up removal

The second thing many people forget doing is leaving those make-ups residuals stay on even after effects are worn out. Despite that, some of them are made of chemicals that cause blemishes or pimples if you have a sensitive skin. So be prudent and remove them at most before supper, or going to bed. Use your preferred cleanser or makeup remover to wipe. Again, avoid soaps.

After that you can apply a thin layer of moisturizer.

iii.                  Moisturize Daily

Always remember to apply a suitable moisturizer particularly one that does not have scent or oils.

2.      Stop using facial or lip products

Unfortunately, if you recently started to develop lip pimples after you acquired a new beauty package or product, (makeup, lipsticks, lip gloss, etc.) you might stop their usage. One reason is that you have to determine whether they are indeed what caused pimples to appear on lips, lip line or skin around the mouth. So you have to put them aside even if it means for a moment.

However, you do not have to fear of other changes that would result after you have stopped. No. Continue doing your facial cleaning routine like natural remedy such as warm washing to keep up resistance against infection causing micro-organisms.

If you are serious about it, the best thing you are supposed to do is to throw them away. In addition, these are also what you should not getting on with;

  • Shampoo,
  • Harsh beauty soaps especially ones containing sodium lauryl sulfate,
  • Concealers,

Now, before even going for an alternative, get advice from your beauty shop or doctor. It is also very crucial to know how resistant you are to some ingredients put in these lip products,

3.      Apply compress

Basically there are two types of compresses, hot and cold compress. Both types can help relieve of uncomforted feeling or pain.

As a remedy for painful and swollen pimples apply a cold compress. A hot compress is appropriate before you can do pop pimples. However do not apply a cold compress to an open blister even after popping.

4.      Apply lime juice

Lime juice has an ability to fight germs in addition to anti-bacterial properties that it has. For this natural cure to work better you need to massage it on the lips and leave it to get absorbed. Unless you are allergic it, you can also add a few drops of carrot oil or jojoba

5.      Skincare, beauty products cosmetics to use

Avoid any type of greasy makeup or other beauty products. Instead, go for water-based products when you know that oils is what makes pimples to appear on your face.

6.      Eat healthily

Owing to the undisputable fact on proper nutrition being mother of good health, a healthy eating habit and diet should be very essential in solving certain skin problems. What is so important in your diet includes all the essential vitamins or multi-vitamins, some proteins and water. Ensure to cleverly incorporate fresh fruits, green vegetables such as lemon, spinach, etc.

7.      Stop touching and licking pimple on lips

At times pimples may become nuisance if you continually insist on licking and touching them. Now, if there is slight irritation or itchy, touching them may encourage swelling. Obviously, with that you can expect to invite more bacteria – and so a possibility of them growing in number and increasing along lip lines and around the mouth.

When and how should you pop pimples on lip?

Is it necessary to pop your pimples and when is it most appropriate? Some people can wait for the pimple to heal on its own and go away. But if you are not patient enough, there are certain things to observe before you decide to do popping.

One, is color in which it presents itself around popping time i.e. yellowish or greenish pimple head with a clear base or border. According to Glamcheck.com, you should first apply a hot compress.

  • Take small cotton swabs one in each hand and place them around the pimple you want to pop.
  • Apply gentle pressure on either side until pus begins to ooze from the head of pimple.
  • When you see it start bleeding, stop. Throw the swabs away and wash your hands only.
  • Do not wash the pimple popping points. Leave it to dry then apply a gel to prevent germs and swelling.

DO NOT pop acne related pimples as it will only worsen them.

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