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Pimple in Ear Causes, Painful, Treatment and Remedies to Get Rid of Ear Pimple

Can you get a pimple in your ear? Pimple formation is quite a natural phenomenon and can be a disaster-like thing especially among teens and young people. These blemishes can appear anywhere on skin around face, behind ears, in ear folds, canal or cartilage. They can hurt or cause pain too. What does a painful pimple in ear also mean? Get insight into causes, symptoms, how to get rid of ear pimples and other helpful remedies.

Small pimple in ear
Small pimple in ear

Just like any other part of the body, ears can get pimples too. The pimples can be big, small, painless or painful. Furthermore, the pimples can be many or just one.

Pimple in ear causes

What causes pimples in your ear? Like acne or, ear pimples and zits on skin are due to some common factors. Here is an outline of main factors and other reasons why you get pimples around or in ears including inside the canals.

Big cystic pimple behind ear
Big cystic pimple behind ear
  • Unhygienic or poor personal hygiene characterized by keeping dirty hair, hands, clothing, etc.
  • Poor or low quality cosmetics like facial makeup,
  • Hormonal disorder or changes in hormones that strikes an imbalance. This normally occur during puberty and pregnancy which triggers more white blood cells and sebum be produced,
  • Poor and inappropriate ear cleaning methods,
  • Allergic reactions to certain cosmetics, medications and clothes made from some fabrics,
  • Irritation of ear follicles and clogged pores,
  • Draughts during the onset of summer or winter that may trigger cold-related pimples or acne,

Painful sore pimple in ear or inside ear

Why do pimples in ear hurt? Is it really a pimple in my ear or feeling of pimple in ears? There is nothing serious would be hurting as getting pimples that cause pain. Pain is one the common symptoms of pimple in ear canal or inside the ear as we mentioned earlier.

Scratching, irritation inside the ears or an injury occurs are some of the obvious reasons for painful pimples in ear. In some cases, a serious infection inside ear (otitis externa) can as well inflict pain whether you have pimples or not. What else could this pain be signifying?

Besides irritation, you need to be curious of the pain especially if your ear hurts and pain spreads up to the eye. If you continue to experience aching jaws, swelling around eyes and fever – high chances are that the pimple could be a furuncle or boil which is a typical infection. For many cases, the main symptom is pain inside in ear.

big zit in ear removal
big zit in ear removal

Furuncles can be “spots or small boils that can occur on any area of the skin. In some cases the infection develops on damaged skin.” [patient.info]. there are several potential ways in which the skin inside ear canal can get damaged – poking with fingers, scratches from finger nails, objects (pins, toothpick, pens) or inserting ear buds regularly, application of poor quality cosmetics among many others. This damage easily results to irritation, which ignites ear inflammation. Furthermore, bacterial infection could occur.

Now, do not attempt to pop boils in ear canal since it would “open the furuncle, end with sepsis or blood furunculosis, recurrent boils and carbuncles (inflammation of several hair follicles).” [noskinproblems.com]

If you experience soreness or sore pimple in ears particularly accompanied with pain, discharge or pus see your doctor urgently to get correct medication.

Can you get infected pimple in ear?

Touching with dirty hands, scratching inside ears can cause infected pimples in ear. How do you know that it is an infected pimple in my ear? Infections inside ear are symptomatized by pain, swelling inside canal and other signs causing general ear discomfort such as itchy feeling

How to get rid of ear pimples or pimple inside ear treatment

Let us look at how to get rid of pimples using common treatment methods,

Blackhead pimple in ear removal
Blackhead pimple in ear removal

1. Topical treatments

They include acne treatments, creams or products that contain ingredients such as Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (10% conc. or lower). Besides helping to cleanse your skin, these creams are good in clearing clogged pores and removing other materials such as dead skin cells mixed with sweat.

These are considered the most effective means of dealing with zits or pimples since it can also prevent occurrence of pimples and acne.

Before applying them ensure that you have cleaned the whole ear including the inside ear canals, using an oil-free and water based solution. Otherwise, you can also clean using salty warm water. Caution should be taken not to use creams if you have gone for ear surgery or have ruptured boils inside ear

Secondly, to promote healing pimple in ear treatment is through applying ointment such as Neosporin.

2. Hydrogen peroxide

You should be careful while using hydrogen peroxide to get rid of ear pimples. For people with a sensitive skin, it is advisable to use alternative methods of removing zits especially inside ear.

Hydrogen peroxide is quite effective in in removing unwanted serum (earwax), easing inflammation, unclogging skin pores and killing germs.

Using hydrogen peroxide

  • Clean your ears with an antiseptic solution first.
  • Place 2- 3 drops inside ear canals and let it sit in for 10 minutes.
  • Tip your head to allow excess to drain out,
  • For pimples in ear cartilage, folds use small cotton swabs to apply hydrogen peroxide.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol can be quite effective in getting rid of pimples just like hydrogen peroxide. It can also stop infections from occurring if it is applied in an appropriate manner. For instance, after an ear injury. However, avoid alcohol if you have a problem with skin irritation.

If you feel soreness in ears resist trying any treatment with topical products as it will get worse. Seek proper advice or medication from a health facility near you. In addition, whenever there is a problem with your inner ear seeing an ear specialist is the best thing you can afford to do.

Natural remedies for pimples in ear

Some remedies we are going to discuss will not only help to get rid of pimple but also keep infection causing germs at bay and help clear symptoms such as pain.

1. Hot compress

It is a simple procedure, which is carried out before popping pimples. Moreover, you can apply this if there is pain or when pimples are hurting. Do it on pimples in cartilage, behind, in earfolds.

To do a hot compress you need hot water and a clean soft washcloth. If not ready for popping then apply some cellophane. Thereafter, you can remove it after pain subsides.

If you are hot compressing in readiness to popping the pimple do the following.

  • Soak your washcloth in hot water and then squeeze out excess water
  • Carefully hold against the pimple on the cartilage or around the ear until the warmth feeling is no more.
  • If the pimple is inside the ear (inside ear canals), after you have soaked fold your washcloth and cautiously insert it in to the canal and leave it for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the procedure three times each day but be patient if the zits have not shown popping signs.

Doing this will also remove discomfort that comes with inflammation or pain and promote natural healing process even if you are not intending to do popping.

2. Saline solution

Another working remedy for infected pimples is to wash your ear using this solution. To enhance further faster healing add some few drops of water based oil of your choice. Apply the mixture directly on the pimples or wash the ear including the canal. While cleaning avoid using excess of the solution which may get stuck in ear canal or deeper into the ear and cause discomfort.

Saline solution can also be a form of treatment for pimples especially if they appear in ear folds or behind the ears.

3. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is good in fighting bacteria while preventing buildup of the germs. Use a cotton ball to apply dilute tea tree oil directly on to the pimples.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe has astringent qualities, which are great for soothing especially if pimples get inflamed or cause swelling in ear. This remedy is helpful after taking of your ear problem such as pain. Simply apply Aloe Vera gel and leave it for 15 – 20 minutes. Remember to wash off with warm or cool water.

5. Witch hazel

As a natural treatment for skin blemishes, such as zits or pimples witch hazel can serve as an alternative of tea tree oil. Moreover, witch hazel extracts has an added advantage as it also prevent pimple formation if it is used properly as part of routine skin care.

These are just but a few of the remedies. Some other remedies include application of garlic oil, Oregano essential oil; dilute Lavender oil, and virgin coconut oil.

Tips on how to prevent pimples in ears

Though it is at times impossible to stop pimples totally, preventive measures are great. Below are some simple general tricks to prevent formation of zits or pimples.

  • Proper ear cleaning routine using appropriate methods only. Avoid use of shampoo in ears, or corners of your clothing, etc.
  • Wiping ear equipment with disinfectant solutions i.e. headsets such as earphones, and plugs every time you want to use them.
  • Avoid sharing hearing aids or too much use of earplugs, headphones, etc.
  • Improve on your personal hygiene by keeping hair clean.
  • Avoid inserting dirty fingers into ears,
  • Use fitting caps before you go swimming,

Advice on pimple in ear popping

Should you pop pimple in ear? Popping pimples in ears is ri

sky and it can solve the problem in a little way. As we saw earlier if the pimples-thought-to-be are boils then you will be landing yourself in trouble. Otherwise, you should do popping reasonably.

Zits popping in ear
Zits popping in ear

Apart from stopping further spread of germs, popping pimples inside ear canals by yourself is quite tricky as it can cause pain or lead to infections. If you do not know when or how to pop leave them alone to heal naturally.

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