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Pimples on Chest, Causes, Red Swollen Chest Pimple Treatments and Prevention

Skin disorders can say a lot about our health. Presence of pimples on chest can be an indication of certain ailments or problems with your body.  So when your chest develops pimples, it would be important to ask yourself, what the triggers of those chest acne breakouts are and how can you get rid of them. Pimples remedies or treatments will basically need prior knowledge on causes of chest pimples.

chest pimples causes, remedies, treatments, red swollen
chest pimples causes, remedies, treatments, red swollen

Pimples can occur anyplace in the body provided that the place has pores that secret sebum which can plug the hair follicles. Pimples appearing on chest can be a source of worry and embarrassment and can force those affected to change the selections of clothing i.e. one may opt for clothing that would conceal the bumps on chest.

Pimples normally occur on chest, face, back, bottom, thigh among other places. Though acne breakout is a condition that affect anybody, it is prevalent during puberty when the body begin to experience immense many hormonal changes. During this stage, the development of chest pimples may be perceived usual but, victims should not sit back and wait for them to vanish of their own-they can be a symptoms of certain diseases!

Chest pimples can also be linked to genetics; actually, this may be the reason behind pimples trending in certain families. You should also note that, if you face chronic body pimples.

What causes chest pimples

Pimples occurs when your skin sebaceous glands produce sebum which combines with dead skin cells to form a comedo. The comedo will then trap more oil and bacteria in the follicles. The immune system will react by sending white blood cells to fight the bacteria infection resulting to a pimple formation. So here are some factors that influence the occurrence of chest pimples:

Female chest pimples
Female chest pimples
male chest pimples
male chest pimples

1.      Habitually plugged hair pores

Pimples show up when pores get clogged with a combination of sebum and dead skin cells. This is the main reason for blackheads on chest as well as whitehead pimples on chest. Following this sentiment, excess sebum secretion will increase the chances of experiencing acne breakout on various parts of the body.

According to Proactiv.com.au, “once a follicle is plugged, however, acne bacteria multiply rapidly, creating the chemical reaction that results in inflammation in the follicle and surrounding skin.” The inflammatory response is what leads to development of red, swollen and painful chest pimples.

Factors that may influence overproduction of sebum include hormonal imbalance, certain medications and genetics among others.

2.      Allergic reaction and skin inflammation

Allergic reactions to some substances such as perfumes, certain foods, some drugs or cosmetics can lead to skin inflammations that can trigger chest pimples. Some bacteria also causes skin inflammation when they invade plugged hair follicles leading to chest acne. Allergic reactions have a closer link to chest rashes having varying degree of severity.

3.      Digestive problems

You should watch out on digestive problems, they can be the major cause of pimples on your chest.  Dairy product and foods having high index of glycemic can be the reason behind excess sebum production. Eat a well-balanced diet. In your diet include green, leafy vegetables and fruits. Give your back to fried foods and artificial appetizers

4.      Certain medication

Some treatments such birth control medications usually trigger chest pimples in some people. They have been linked to hormonal imbalances that may influence occurrence of pimples. Work with your doctor every time he/she prescribes you treatments linked to hormonal issues. This may call for hormonal acne treatment.

5.      Tight and unbreathable clothing

Medical experts have proved that what we wear can induce acne on chest. Wearing tight clothes can lead to improper thermoregulation, which may trigger red pimples on chest. Such pimples can also show up under the breast. Tight clothing can also lead to skin inflammation especially those that are made of non-cotton materials.

6.      Hormonal changes: during puberty, pregnancy, periods and menopause

It should be noted that hormonal imbalance is one of the main cause of pimples on chest. Hormonal imbalance influence oil producing glands to give out excess oils increasing chances of pores clogging.

This is the reason why medical specialist quote that, teens are the best candidates for pimples-there is much hormonal variations during this stage. Similar hormonal imbalance can also be experienced during periods, pregnancy and menopause.

Pimples on chest caused by the above natural roots usually banish of their own as soon our hormones get normal.

7.      Certain diseases

As we have mentioned before, chest acne can be a symptoms of some diseases. The linked diseases for our case are reproductive diseases, immune deficiency diseases as well as uncompensated diabetes. These chest breakouts can also be triggered by cold-related diseases. So treating the causative diseases may be the best remedy for such pimples.

8.      Excess stress and depression

Stress and depression have been established to be the root of many diseases especially those concerning skin. You should therefore response to such conditions by living in good physiological state. For instance, get enough time to relax.

Usually, pimples caused by stress develop simultaneously on chest and back along the spinal cord.

9.      Inconsistent personal hygiene

Lastly on our list, lack of attention to elementary personal hygiene also usually leads to development of acne on chest. You should get it clear that, poor hygiene standards may leads to build-up of dead skin cells and dirt on the pores hence raising the chances of experiencing pimple bumps.

Red, Swollen Pimples on chest

Red, swollen acne also called inflammatory or cystic acne are formed when the pores are blocked and white blood cells are sent by your immune system to fight bacteria that is trapped in the plug.

Inflammatory acne occurs when the hair follicle walls rupture leaking bacteria and sebum into the surrounding skin. The related acne breakout will be mild when this condition occur near the skin surface.  If it happens deep into the skin, then one will experience under the skin pimples and for such cases, a person will experience cystic pimples (large bumps occurring deep inside the skin) on chest.

Cystic acne are usually painful especially when the blood flow increases in the area delivering more fighters (the white blood cells) to fight the infection

Inflammatory acnes can potentially leave behind pimple scars or marks depending how serious they are. They also have varying sizes, colors and levels tenderness. So here are the various types of inflammatory acnes:


Papules are dome-shaped bumps usually pink or red in color. They don’t have pus and are painless. They can be painful when scratched or picked. They are slightly inflamed. Just like other pimples, they are formed when white blood cells fight the bacteria in clogged pores.


These pimples come into being when a plug is formed deep inside the pores and trap sebum. Then white cells will be attracted to fight the infection. Pustules usually contain pus, pus are just the dead white cells. Pustules have yellow or white pus with a red base.


These are large, deep and painful pimple bumps. They are usually filled with blood and later with pus. They have the potential to stay underneath the skin for several weeks before they could eventually harden. These lumps are larger than pustules and papules and occurs deep inside the skin. They are associated with deep pimple scars. They are considered to be severe forms of pimples.


Cystic acne can be larger than nodules. They are very painful and are pus filled. Just like nodules, they form deeper inside the skin. This type of pimple is very prevalent in youths and can trend in some families. They can result into permanent acne scars. It is a severe form of acne and needs immediate doctor`s attention.

Blackheads and whiteheads are types of pimples which are mild and are not inflamed. This is due to the fact that the bacteria is not involved in their formation.

How to get Rid of Chest Pimples- Treatments

Over the counter acne treatment

There are several over the acne treatment products that can be very effective for clearing chest pimples. Most of the elements contained in these products act by killing the involved bacteria and hindering the production of body oils.

They are available in the form of lotions, creams, gels, pads and soaps. Some of them i.e. Retin- A acts as chemical peels hence are very appropriate for clearing whiteheads and chest blackheads. Here are the ingredients:

  • Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Retin-A
  • Sulphur
  • Azelaic Acid

The ingredients above are available in varying concentrations so it will be upon you to consult your doctor to check on your skin sensitivity in relation to the type of pimples treatment products you want to use.

Pimples Prescribed Treatments

For more severe cases of acne such as nodule cystic acnes, your doctor`s intervention may be required. So read below to see some of the medication your doctor may prescribe for your chest acne:

a.      Topical acne treatments

The treatment are applied on the affected skin to kill the bacteria and also help unclog the pores. They include adapalene, tretinoin and more. They may have some side effects over your skin so you have to research on which product will suit your skin before you use it.

b.      Oral medications

Oral pimples treatment involves oral acne antibiotics. It would be better if the oral treatments can be employed alongside topical treatments. Oral antibiotics have stronger side effects and therefore should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

c.       Laser and light therapies

This treatment is very appropriate for under the skin pimples since it can reach such deeper bumps without mutilating the skin. It kills the acne bacteria and also limits the production of sebum by constricting the sebaceous glands.

d.      In case of extra severe acne pimples!

In cases of severe acnes, there may be need to employ stronger treatments. So in case you are suffering pimple nodules and cyst and other form of medications don’t yield any fruit, your doctor may employ the use of Isotretinoin. This is a stronger medication that can have severe side effects but your doctor will be in control.

Drainage and extraction procedures can also be used to get rid of large acne cyst. It will also limit the number of pimples scars that may be as a result of nodules and cysts.

Homemade acne treatments

Below are few tested and proved natural acne treatments you can try for chest pimples from the comfort of your home. They will help cure chest pimples regardless of their triggers. They can be applied in forms of pimples masks, scrubs and strips

  • Mustard Powder With Honey
  • Tomato Mask
  • Essential Oil Bath
  • Clay Mask With Tea Tree/Lavender Oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice
  • Eggs

The above natural pimples cures should only be used to cure mild forms of acne but for serious acnes will demand better acne treatments.

How to prevent chest pimples by changing personal behaviors

Pimples on chest can be prevented and treated by changing our personal lifestyle. So here are some of the tips we can consider to reduce chest pimples:

  • Regulating our diet i.e. limiting the consumption of fats
  • We should avoid popping or bursting pimples since this can worsen the infections
  • Using skin care products that cannot clog our pores
  • Keeping the chest hair short to prevent sebum and dead skin cells from building up in the hair
  • We should usually wear lose-fitting and breathable clothing
  • We must maintain good standards of personal hygiene
  • We should also not touch our pimples using dirty hands

When to see a Doctor

After trying home remedies and over the counter acne treatment products and the pimples still persist, please see your doctor immediately. Again you should consult your doctor when your experience chronic chest pimples.

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