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Pimples on Chin Meaning, Causes, Small, Itchy, Large, Painful, Pictures, Baby Acne and Treatments

What is the meaning of a pimple on chin? How do I get rid of chin pimples that keeps occurring on my chin, neck and jawline?

In many cases, pimples on chin can be very itchy, painful, deep and huge. Hormonal imbalances and excessive sebum are the major causes of breakouts on chin, neck, forehead, cheeks and jawline. Other reasons may include certain medications, genetic etc.

We have discussed the whole issue of pimples on chin causes, their remedies and much more.

Pimples on chin meaning

Occurrence of pimples on chin or rather face can reveal the status of the general internal health of an individual. Dr. Wang Zheng Hu highlights that the location of acne pimples on the face can provide an indication of the underlying causes.

In many cases, pimples or chin spots acne may reveal hormonal imbalances as well as gynecological matters. Chinese face mapping theories have linked kidney, lungs, small intestine and liver problems with chin breakouts.  Other than failure of internal body organs, there are other general causes that may apply for those blemishes on chin. Below are the factors that causes pimples around the chin:

What causes pimples on chin?

Pimples may start to show up some few weeks before they could actually explode into breakouts. Pimples develop when pores are blocked with excess sebum and dead skin cells, which then attract bacteria invasion. This alerts body immune system influencing pimple formation.

Treatcurefast.com confirms that, “Pimples and acne zits start when skin pores get clogged with excess sebum and dead skin cells. Within the plugged pores, bacterial activity causes the body’s immune system into action, causing small pus-filled bumps on the skin that are pimples

It should be noted that pimples on the face might affect both males and females, children as well as adults. The causes of acne breakouts on chin are somewhat the same though some triggers may be unique for females. The causative factors may also vary with age but slightly. Discussed below are the causes of chin pimples as well as pimples around mouth:

1)      Hormonal imbalance in the body

Picture of hormonal pimples on the chin
Picture of hormonal pimples on the chin

Hormonal fluctuation in your body is one of the prime cause of pimples on the chin. How does hormonal imbalance influence the formation of pimples? Well, certain hormones such as androgen stimulates oil producing glands in the body to secret excess oils which can clog the pores hence contributing to pimples formation. Pimples associated with hormonal imbalance usually occur in different location of your body more so the face.

White bumps on chin
White bumps on chin

Some of the factors that influence body hormonal disorder include ovulation (is linked to Polycystic ovarian syndrome), child birth, breastfeeding, pregnancy, puberty and menopause. Hormonal pimples are usually huge, itchy and occur alongside some pain.

2)      Bumps on chin after shaving

Shaving, waxing as well as threading in men can sprung razor bumps. These bumps on chin are end result of poor shaving procedures. Some of the poor techniques that can result to pimples under chin include shaving the wrong direction, shaving using blunt tools e.g. blunt razors, wrong shaving creams, poor after-shaving care and so forth.

All these factors can lead to skin irritation during shaving and hence formation of red chin bumps. Those who have thick hair can have the chin pimples extending to other parts such as cheeks, jawline and neck area.

3)      Poor lymphatic drainage system

Poor lymphatic system means that your body cannot do away with toxins in your body. Build-up of such toxins in your body especially around jaws can trigger pimples on your chin, neck and jaws.

Pimples on chin and jawline
Pimples on chin and jawline

Pimples having this root are the deep pimples or rather the cystic pimples under chin, cheeks, neck, jawline and sides of the mouth. These places have the lymph vessels running very close to the skin surface.

4)      Chin pimples due to Stress

Some of the observation made by medical experts have shown that stress and acne breakout are related. Researches have revealed that stress and depression can significantly causes pimples on various parts of the body.

To find the underlying cause of this, I want us to acknowledge that, sebum producing cells have what we call stress receptors therefore stress can surge the level of insulin, a secretion that can lead to irritation and hence pimples breakout.

One is likely to experience chin pimples and pimples around mouth if he/she leaves a life full of stress. Despite the fact that stress can trigger body pimples, some levels of usual or normal stress are not enough to cause acne breakout on chin.

5)      Excessive sweating can cause Chin Acne

Excessive sweating due to exercise or harsh climatic conditions can trigger chin spots or chin bumps. How does sweat trigger blemishes on chin? You should get it altogether that, accumulation of sweat on the skin facilitates the growth of acne causing bacteria, which react with the body immune system to produce pimples. The most known type of acne related with sweating is pityrosporum folliculitis

To prevent the accumulation of sweat on the skin is to make sure that you take bath after sweating.

6)      Unhygienic condition of the body

Another factor that can bring about ‘acne storm’ is poor personal hygiene. This can potentially cause or aggravate the condition of the body pimples. Poor hygienic condition can enhance the build-up of sebum, dead skin cells and dirt. Expected result will be clogged pores that will influence the eruption of chin pimples.

There are several unhygienic behaviors that can contribute to the transfer of sebum and acne bacteria to an individual`s chin area. Such behaviors include:

  • Supporting chin with dirty hands
  • Holding cellphones with your chins as you do other tasks
  • Failure to wash your face regularly. This enhances accumulation of sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells on your chin skin or other body parts
  • Application of second-rate or oil-based body make up products that can clog your skin pores. “Oily lipsticks, lip balms and glosses sometimes contain ingredients that promote acne on chin” [Medlicker.com]

Other factors that can cause chin pimples and pimples around mouth consist of the following:

  • Genetics can also influence the occurrence chin pimples (hereditary acne)
  • Excessive smoking and drinking can also lead to several skin disorders including chin pimples
  • Eating junk and spicy foods. Remember the skin usually react to what you consume. Chin zits can be as a result of acidic lycopene contained in the spicy foods. In addition, regular consumption of dairy foods can also lead to chin breakouts.
  • Chin acne breakout can also be due to herpes and HIV infections, rosacea, ringworms infections, keratosis pilaris, moles, warts and boils.

NOTE: due to the fact that pimples on chin have got many triggers, it is always a good idea to see your dermatologist for right and proper diagnosis and medication.

Small, hard pimples under chin

Normally, pimples can have different shapes, sizes as well as textures. For instance, pimples can be small, big, tender, round, irregular or hard.

Keratosis pilaris bumps on chin
Keratosis pilaris bumps on chin

Small and hard pimples under your chin may mean a lot. They can indicate small fatty cysts or condition called keratosis pilaris (small bumps or chicken skin) or other types of chin bumps. These small hard bumps commonly occur under the chin. They are always not painful and non-itchy.

Big pimples on chin

If you have big pimples on your chin, it is likely to be cystic acne, which is caused by mainly hormonal imbalances.

Itchy and painful chin pimples especially large ones

Painful pimples on chin
Painful pimples on chin

Though some people normally experience non-itchy and non-painful chin pimples, we must understand that the opposite is also valid-chin pimples can be very itchy and painful.

Persons who suffer from large, red and painful chin breakouts may have fallen a victim of what is known as cystic acne.  This is a large or huge pimple that occur deep under the skin.

Cystic acne on chin can is always deep, tender and red chin bump filled with pus. It can be itchy and very painful. What is very important to note in this case is that, popping this large and painful chin bumps can lead to pimple marks or acne scars. Serious intervention or medication should be bestowed upon these troublesome chin bumps.

Pimples on children or baby acne

Baby acne are the small white pimples appearing on the baby cheeks, chin and sometimes forehead and bottom of a newborn. The skin around such pimples may be red. Healcure.org indicates that, “Some parents have reported instance during teething as well as in younger or much older infants

You should also get it clear that acne around chin or acne under the chin is usual among preteens and does not mean that the baby will have an acne problem in future. Chin acnes on babies can sometimes be confused with condition like keratosis pilaris so, it is therefore necessary to see your skin specialist for proper diagnosis and medication.

How to get rid pimples on chin – Treatment, remedies and preventions

There are many ways to deal with chin pimples ranging from home remedies to use of creams, and other prescribed medications. Here are some of the ways to deal with chin pimples.

a)      Application of topical acne creams, gels and lotions

Chin can be treated effectively using both prescribed and over the counter medications. Topical treatments can only be applied to bumps without open sore otherwise the contribution will be insignificant. Topical treatment which are commonly used to treat chin pimples include the following:

  • Acne lotions containing benzoyl acid and triaz
  • Acne creams containing salicylic acid, Azelaic acid and tretinoin
  • Gels such as retinoids

Caution!  Be careful while selecting acne creams, some of these creams can be irritating especially for those having sensitive skin

b)      Treating chin pimples using antibiotics

Both oral and topical antibiotics can be used to cure pimples on chin. They help to combat acne causing bacteria. Antibiotics can be presents over the counter or with the doctor`s prescription.

Many of oral antibiotics are available with prescription. For serious or severe cases of chin pimples, a type of antibiotic called Isotretinoin can be prescribed. Actually this kind of medication is employed where other types of medication have proved to be less effective.

Isotretinoin is a strong medication that can cause severe side effects i.e. some women using this therapy may permanently be barren or suffer other serious effects.

c)      Stress management

This may sound dull but believe me, this is one of the techniques that can help to limit some of chin pimples that have familiar root (pimples caused by stress). As we mentioned before, stress can surge the levels of some hormones that can contribute to formation pimples.

Some of the therapies that have been identified to relieve stress include massage, music, healthy diet, positive attitude and regular exercise.

d)      Hormonal acne treatment

Hormonal acne treatment involving birth control medication have been highly rated to be the best anti-androgen therapy. Birth control medication can normalize the level of sex hormones that usually influence the formation of body pimples and hence impede the formation of the linked acne pimples.

e)      Proper diet

Up to here, there is enough evidence to prove that pimples management depend a lot on your diet. Establishing the right food and wrong food for your diet is very fundamental in managing chin pimples or entire body pimples. Below are the best selections for a proper diet as far as pimples are concerned:

  • Low glycemic foods
  • Avoid dairy products, sugary and fermented foods
  • Fatty food such as French fries and potato crisps are just but bad choice
  • Make sure in your diet you include legumes, grains, fruits, green leafy vegetables, Vitamin A and E, Minerals and zinc
  • Don’t forget cashews, seafood, beef, lentils, turkey and pumpkin seeds

You should note that smooth and healthy skin begins with proper diet.

f)       Good personal hygiene

Maintaining high standards of hygiene is very crucial since this help to reduce or stop the accumulation of sweat, dead skin cells, sebum and dirt on your skin. Make sure you take regular shower, don’t touch your chin using dirty hands, regularly wipe your cellphones and cleanse musical instrument that can touch your chin when you use them. Rinsing your face using soft water is also advisable since they cannot clog the skin pores.

Don’t share things like pillows especially with partners having oily skin. Avoid using oil-based skin care products, use only those labelled noncomedogenic. Above all, make sure you observe general hygiene to limit the risk of suffering body pimples.

g)      Application warm compresses

Some of the deep, blind pimples may be hell to treat. When they are squeezed or popped, one may end up having large, painful and swollen bump on the affected area. Warm compresses can be effective for such cases.

The procedures involve applying a warm or hot compress using a wet piece of cloth. The temperature of the compress should be relative not to burn your skin. Hold the warm compress on the bumps and leave it there for few minutes. The procedure should be repeated many times in a day until such a time when the bump will form a head ready to be popped.

Once acne vulgaris and blind pimples are drawn to the surface, they can be easily treated but when they stay under the skin, they will still remain itchy and painful.

h)      Natural treatment for pimples

Pimples on chin or on other parts of the body can be perfectly treated using natural home remedies especially when they prove not to be more severe. Below are some of the natural pimple treatments that can be used to cure chin pimples:

  • Application of cider vinegar
  • Tea tree oil therapy
  • Application of honey and aloe vera to treat chin pimples
  • More home products include toothpaste, garlic, cinnamon, egg white, papaya, orange peel paste e.t.c

Many of this home products can be used to make wonderful scrubs, strip and mask that can effectively treat or prevent pimples on the body (including pimples on chin)

In conclusion, we want to put it clear that factors causing pimples on other parts of the body can as well trigger pimples on chin.

Again, pimples on chin can extend to cheeks, jawline, neck and even forehead. Pimples should not be picked or popped.

See you doctor when you cannot handle your chin pimples using OTC acne products or home remedies. Make sure you bring to the attention of your doctor, the chin pimples that won’t go away however how mild they may seem to be-they can be a symptom of serious internal body disorder e.g. kidney or liver failure!

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